The Robert Davidson Committee

The Committee was set up in 2005 to promote the life and work of the poet. To this end, funds have been collected, a plaque on the village churchyard wall has been erected to his memory, his third and final volume of poems has been republished and an annual poetry competition amongst the village school children for the Robert Davidson Cup has been instigated. A website has now been inaugurated and it is hoped that a further plaque to mark the site of the subscription library which Davidson had a hand in establishing will also be erected in the near future.

To contact the Robert Davidson Committee: please email the secretary, David Welsh at: ddwelsh@btinternet.com


If you have any queries or comments to make about the life and work of Robert Davidson, please complete the form below and we shall endeavour to respond.

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Previous Discussion

QUESTION: I can trace my Davidson ancestors to the Scottish Borders. How can I find out whether I am related to the poet? JD. Cincinnati.

ANSWER: There are lots of Davidsons! We may be able to help if and when you can trace your ancestor specifically to the Morebattle district. Otherwise the best place to start your search is by accessing the Scottish Borders Archive & Local History Centre and by contacting the Scottish Borders Family History Website

QUESTION: How can I find out more about the social context in which people like Robert Davidson lived their lives? GB. Edinburgh

ANSWER: There are several well-known books which discuss social life in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century rural Scotland These include T. C. Smout, A History of the Scottish People; I. D. Whyte, An Historical Geography of Scotland and A. Fenton, Scottish Country Life. Once you get started, we can recommend many more!

QUESTION: How do I find out more about the history of Scottish poetry and how can I get involved in the Scottish poetry scene? RH. Newcastleton.

ANSWER: Contact the Scottish Poetry Library

QUESTION: We are thinking of visiting the Borders in search of our Davidson roots next summer. Would it be possible for us to meet? MP. Toronto.

ANSWER: We would be delighted to meet you and to show you the places associated with Robert Davidson. Let us know when you are coming. Meanwhile a useful contact for you is the Scottish Borders Tourist Board